Investigating Computers: New Solutions to Today’s Problems

    Working in computer hacking forensic investigator is challenging. From dramatic stories to head stretching terminology, I have been enmeshed into an industry that is exciting and contemporary. For someone who is not familiar with FTK or SHA-1, computer forensics is simply detective work on computers.

    Being a detective has more intrigue on television than in real life. Real life detective work involves real people, their lives, and commonly lots of stressful communication with the goal of resolving a major question. With detective work, the lifestyle can get boring, but the intrigue of solving a puzzle remains. Detective work on a computer is much the same, only without a large amount of travel. Much of the research is achieved from a ‘remote’ location, where digital evidence is preserved and then analyzed with court approved tools.

    In computer forensic investigation, the forensic examiner processes large amounts of data, much of it deleted or changed in some way. Often when I look at an examination screen, I think I’m watching The Matrix. Computer code rolling by is a chat room discussion, or an email, or family photo. Deleted information on a hard drive is very recoverable.

    Detective work involving computer crime, in its’ many forms, encompasses a large amount of computer activity, including researching portable electronic devices like cellular phones, electronic tablets, cameras, and external drive devices. All files that have not been over-written are normally recovered during an investigation. A person whom is looking for an investigation into a digital device symptom or event often is looking for who is doing the crime and how to get it stopped. A good forensics company commonly finds these answers and more.

    The end result of forensic examination is most commonly to find a resolution. Whether a crime has been committed or suspicions of infidelity put to rest, finding the truth to a situation brings closure to difficult questions. It is rewarding to see the people get the answers they are looking for, no matter how difficult the process.

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